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Frequently Asked Questions

Our artists will be able to provide the best artwork of your pet when you will send us a good photo of your pet. You can use your smartphone and follow our guidelines.

Popular Questions

How long until my order arrives?

Current Delivery Times:

Standard USPS Shipping: 2-3 weeks overall. 1-2 weeks of that is fulfillment time.

Standard (INTL): 3-4 weeks overall. 1-2 weeks of that is fulfillment time.

Tracking numbers can take up to 4 days to generate. If you still don’t get tracking at that time, send us an email!

Do you have a satisfaction guarantee?

Yep! If you aren’t 100% happy (wagging and purring) with your ThinkFluffy purchase, we’ll work with you to make it right. Happy PetParents make happy pets. (It’s simple math). Smile. Wag. Purr. ‘nuff said.

Send us an email at for more information.

Can you do humans?

At this time, we do not! We want to remain true to our brand which started with just pets.

Can I get a refund on my custom artwork?

Do to the nature of the product being 100% custom we are unable to refund an order that has processed and shipped. The items are of your animal and we are unable to resell, donate or do anything with an item that is returned.

Your Product

How do I upload a photo with multiple pets?

We generally allow 4 pets max (yes, their is wiggle room depending on the situation). We’ve determined that anything beyond 4 pets will be too excessive and not create the best outcome.

Can I edit my order after it was made?

All changes must be made to an order within 30 minutes after the time which it was placed. Keep in mind that we send your pet uploads to our artists directly after you purchase! Any adjustment after 30 minutes is not promised.

If you would like to cancel an order, you can do so in the first 30 minutes. Anything thereafter will require a 30% restocking fee because we’ve already started working on your order. If you send us an email but don’t receive a reply within 30 minutes, don’t worry. We’ll get back to you and honor the timestamp on the email.

Do I get my digital art file?

If you purchased the art file(s) for your order, it will be available in the “Packaging” phase inside your Dashboard! This is when your order ships and you get a shipment confirmation.

Will my photo upload work?

We highly recommend photos in sunny or bright light (so we can catch details) and having your pet sitting or standing up. Please see our Photo Guide for more information.

Keep in mind that our artists work with the head to chest region of your pet as that is our brand!

Can you do full body artworks?

Yes. It’s important to follow our photo guide to ensure you get the best possible outcome!


Do multiple items ship separately?

If you order multiple different items, some of them might! We ship items separately because we have different print partners AND want to ensure you get your order quickly. We want you to wag.

My tracking link is not working!

No worries! Send us an email so we can track your shipment.

Do you ship anywhere?

We believe everyone, regardless of location, should be able to create get a one of a kind Pet Canva product with their pet on it and for that reason we ship to over 90 countries. However, some products like our mousepads and canvas cannot be shipped to Australia.

International shipping will be calculated at checkout.

Do I have to pay any customs fees if I live outside the USA?

Customs policies vary from country to country. All applicable fees, taxes and duties are your responsibility.