Follow our guidelines.

Image Capture Guide

Our artists will be able to provide the best artwork of your pet when you will send us a good photo of your pet. You can use your smartphone and follow our guidelines.

1. Lighting is KEY.

Please send in photos taken outside during the day, or with a bright light environment.

2. For Dark Fur (Dark Brown/Black) 

Sometimes doesn’t print properly on our machines, please make sure the submitted image is clearly showing the perfect selfie pose from your buddy

3. Try your best to capture a close up

So we can get as much detail as possible from your buddy

4. Make sure nobody parts (ears, legs or tails) are cut out

No body parts are cut out of the photo cause we only draw what the photo actually shows

5. Custom Request or specific instructions

Any custom requests or specific instructions please leave a note on the order, otherwise we’ll work through our regular process

6. Do not include effect or filter in the photo

Please make sure the photo don’t have filters or effect because we can’t tell the proper colours, therefore, we won’t be able to accurately draw your pet.