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Our Policies

Order Cancellations

After purchase, we give our customers a 2 hour window to be able to cancel their order. Anything after will require a 30% restocking fee.

We start working on your order as soon as we can! A 30% restocking fee will go toward the time put into starting order fulfillment.

Photo Changes

Photo changes are allowed up to 1 hours after purchase! Anything thereafter is not allowed. We get started on your order as quickly as possible!

Moments after your order is placed, it’s already been sent to one of our artists.

Return Policy

More than anything we want you wagging and purring with your purchase!! If something doesn’t look for feel right, please email us at and we’ll make it right!

Please be advised that because of the nature of our custom products, we cannot do refunds. However, we’ll work with you to make the situation right, even if that means sending you a brand new product.

Happy PetParents make happy pets. (It’s simple math). Smile. Wag. Purr. ‘nuff said.